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Mozzarella and Pesto Eggs with Houmous

Mozzarella and pesto eggs with houmous

60g reduced fat houmous

2 eggs

1/2 pot of Marks n Spencer Italian Pesto Mozzarella (basically use 1 tbsp pesto and 40- 50g or so of mozzarella)

1 roasted pepper

Handful of fresh diced cherry tomatoes

Diced red onion

Sea salt

Smoked paprika

Nigella (black onion) seeds

Sauté or roast your pepper - alternatively use store brought jars.

In a pan on medium heat, add 1/2 pots worth of the pesto (or 1 tbsp from a jar), crack eggs into the pesto and throw the mozzarella around the eggs. Leave to cook.

Lay 2 tbsp (60g) houmous on a plate.

Add your veggies.

Lay eggs on hot.

Add sea salt, paprika, red onion and nigella seeds.

522 cals

P: 30 C:10 F:38 Fibre: 4

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