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For people who want a one-off review to get reassurance for their goals.

  • Initial calorie and macronutrient targets identified after initial assessment

  • Goal setting

  • Diet review

  • Personal workup & info pack delivered

  • Access to essential information and FAQs online

  • Access Q and A via WhatsApp

  • Nb. This does not offer progress tracking and accountability reviews

You will be provided a session to talk through your dietary intake, review your sticking points and walk away with an info pack personalised for you.

The info pack includes:

  • Your priority checklist

  • Example meal compositions (which foods to include at which meals)

  • Calorie and macronutrient targets

  • Targets per meal

  • Example schedule for your meals and workout week

  • Foods to eat around workouts

  • Hydration status

  • Example meal plan for a day of eating for different workout schedules

  • Supplementation

  • Key points

  • Snacks

  • Grabbing and going

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