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For people who want to work closely towards aspirational body composition and muscle-building goals.

  • Initial calorie and macronutrient targets identified after initial assessment

  • Online check-in procedure, health questionnaires, comparison photos, weight tracking, body site circumferences and updates with feedback

  • Goal setting

  • Diet review

  • Physical progression reviews and accountability updates

  • Competition fuelling plans

  • Access to eating-out guides, high protein and 5-ingredient recipe books, over 100 recipe cards, athlete education videos, info packs and support guides for food tracking, meal planning, supermarket guides, saving money and flexible dieting

  • Access to essential information and FAQs online

  • Solutions and ideas to many obstacles with advice to assist.

  • 121 Q and A via WhatsApp

This is for:

  • Data-driven individuals who strive to get the most out of their training

  • Those who understand the extra % can make all the difference

  • Individuals who have tried in the past and failed due to unrealistic commitments

  • Athletes who are sick of false promises and chasing fads

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're happy where you are right now

  • You're afraid to push the boundaries and apply a little hard work for a lot in return

  • Want a quick fix

I work with:

  • Bodybuilding

  • Fat loss

  • Functional fitness

  • Hybrid training

  • CrossFit


Working with me, you have access to the following:

  • Onboarding videos and guides to help you understand more about your food and personal nutrition.

  • Access to guides, information packs, and handy tips on meal preparation and food acquisition such as eating out and supermarket items to fit your goals and personal needs.

  • Access to high protein recipe books, 5-ingredient recipe books, recipe cards and simple meal maths.

  • Access to lists of food items, frequently asked questions answered showing you where and why you are stuck.

  • Access to 3D Styku body scan assessment at reduced rates with ChrisFitography.

  • Calorie and macronutrient targets using influence from The European Journal of Applied Physiology, The British Dietetics Association, The Journal of American Dietetics, The Journal of Sports Medicine and the International Olympic Committee.

  • Meal plans and food examples, where necessary, such as carb timing and fuelling strategies for refeeds, carb loading or on-the-day competition food timing.

  • Help track your food with MyFitnessPal and Nutracheck guides (Cronometer and Whoop incoming).

  • Weekly check-in service, with personalised feedback and photography to review your goal progression and biomarkers.

  • 24/7 connection via WhatsApp messenger.

  • Discounts from Reflex Nutrition, HMN24 and more.

Provide information and support with key areas of health and performance through nutrition:

  • Assess caloric needs and expenditure

  • Outline and refine macronutrients and fuel mix

  • Utilise a flexible dieting strategy mixing macronutrients, caloric, plate portioning and hand portioning methods to track food

  • Carb timing, supplementation and hydration strategies

  • Identify lifestyle habits and nutrients to benefit wellbeing

  • Help you find foods to fit your needs

  • Provide tools to plan and build your meals

  • Identify targets and review strategies to work with your key strengths

  • You take control of your food for full freedom of choice.

  • No micro-management as you will be fully able to choose your food.

  • Help you save money and eat well on a budget

  • Refine supplementation strategies for your goals

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