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Client Testimonials - Some of us just want to lose some weight.

Some people I work with just want to lose some weight - in fact - losing weight alone will improve every health marker in the body. This is why I started doing what I do, because most people literally just don't know how to eat or feed themselves. The newest people to diet and exercise need the most help.

We helped improve digestion, focused on some deep health needs and utilised some dietary and behavioural tools and approaches for her success.

Here's what she had to say...

Before the plan I was very happy to sleep in and very often only motivated to stay indoors.

I get out of bed and get on with the day now, my alarm goes off and I don’t launch it at the wall anymore 😊. I go out on my days off and walk, taking the camera and getting back to my hobby. My confidence levels have risen, I’ve always had to be in front of people and show confidence but its always been a façade. It's more natural now and less stressful.

I can buy clothes off the peg and not just in one shop. I’m not as anxious about what people think of me and don't seem to have the care about that anymore. I make better food choices and enjoy the energy I have.

The best thing I learned was to value the change of what I eat and see how it affects everything in my life. From my work to how I feel when I wake up in the morning and also to my relationships with people.

The real challenges were that I had been struggling with my weight loss for a few months losing little bits here and there. I found the monthly stress of the scales a real anxiety. Weighing myself at home as well as getting weighed at the GP. Scared that I wasn’t losing enough from month to month.

I’ve learned that it isn’t about the scales. So I threw them out of the bathroom window... seriously. I found that counting calories made me insane. Hand portions helped with that so I'm not counting numbers.

Better behaviours have improved my life now end.

The plan taught me discipline with food and respect for myself. This was a year long thing for me but obviously not everyone has to stick to regimes as long as I did. I had a particularly vast project so always using my advice helped tremendously.

This plan is something to live your life by and to go back to for guidance if you feel yourself slipping. I wish I had done this years ago or at least been given the tools to understand and implement a better way of life.

Thank you @HuskNutrition

Nutrition coaching isn't for athletes, the elderly or the sick, it's for everyone and every body.

No matter what your goals - to me they are important!

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