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You don't need to hire a coach to tell you to move more and eat less...

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Calories In Calories Out - we are talking about exchanges of energy of what goes in or out - it is more complicated...

No matter which diet, if it is less convenient than the access to foods you enjoy, your pursuit will struggle.

...if you love ice cream, you will get in the car and travel miles to go and get it. That desire will turn into an action.

A healthy diet should be the same.

We need practical solutions more than ever before and we need to raise the level of cooking skills and knowing what to do, how to manage a healthy bodyweight for what we’re after vs what we actually do.

This is why I have a job and why I do what I do.

Times change and we need to change. We need to look at ALL varieties of what we can do for better food, better movement and look at how we can embrace and approach new habits.

We want to consume food in a situation we are accustomed to. We must appreciate what people want from food and exercise and we need an underlying purpose of how to achieve it.

We don’t need perfectionism, we don’t need athletic sports performance, we need maintainable and manageable diets and structures for what we do.

Just like you I’ve thought that the endless hours of training and restricted eating would get me there… it did… but I had no responsibilities, I had time, I had the ability and it worked.

People I help though, have responsibilities outside of the gym, long hours, bad cooks, massive stressful jobs and need approachable levels of movement and fitness for THEIR needs.

Something people CAN do. Not placing high impact and heavy lifts the mainstay.

Saving a few calories here and there and moving is enough to get you going.

We don’t want attention, we don’t want to fail, we just want to be empowered and helped.

An overview of daily routines will show how you can move more on a day to day basis. It shows us how we can approach what we want more of.

Catering for your needs - not who you aspire to be - is where progression really is.

Think outside of the fitness industry and don’t get trapped.

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