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Chicken Pasta Salad

70g pasta (gluten free)

120g chicken breast

15g of both grated cheddar and low hydration mozzarella

12g cream cheese

12g half fat mayo

5g French's american mustard

Handful of cruciferous or salad veg

Tsp chopped nuts or black olives

Cook pasta and your veg options in heavy salted boiling water 6-8minutes.

Meanwhile in a non-stick pane, heat to medium and slice thin strips of chicken and lay in flat, throw in a pinch of salt, when it looks pretty done, flip and turn the pan off leaving in the chicken.

Drain both broccoli and pasta very well till cool (if you don’t your pasta will go sloppy and expand/soak up all the water in the dish).

Slice vegetables and add to the bowl with cheese and sauces and combine very well. When you reheat it, the cheese will melt for pully fun.

Calories: 530

Protein: 45g

Carb: 55g

Fat: 15g

Fibre: 4g

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