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Boursin + Cheddar Stacked Sliders

Serves 2 - per serving -

Calories 388

Protein: 38

Carbs 3

Fat 25

When it comes to burgers, are you be pickles or no pickles? Hehe

Low carb cooking is dead easy if you like protein! Meatballs, burgers, meatloaf (*I WOULD DOOOO ANNNNYTTHANNGGGG!!!) ahem... chicken poppers, melts, bacon wraps... there's a world of meaty food out there...

With it just being New Year and Xmas - I used up a lot of leftover foods - like the wonderful Boursin for the crackers and Maille dijon I used for the rib of beef glaze - I'm certainly still wearing my celebration calories.

Here's a decent low carb option... serve with a BIG salad, sautéed courgette or roasted tomatoes and peppers to bring some balance to the protein hit.


2 rashers streaky bacon diced 250g 5% beef mince - if you have cals go 10-15%! 1/2 tsp dijon 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp light cream cheese (or light Philadelphia) 1 tbsp red onion diced 1/2 clove garlic microplane grated (or use paste) 1/4 lemon zest Drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar 1 big tbsp Boursin (chive and shallot) 30g cheddar grated or thinly sliced

Sea salt, black pepper, a little more mustard and pickles...

Preheat a 12” non-stick or well seasoned cast iron pan on medium heat whilst you combine in a bowl and mix very well all of the above ingredients minus the cheddar and Boursin with a big pinch of sea salt and black pepper.

Divide the mixture into eight equal parts and roll into balls between your palms.

Lay all of the balls into a pan with space to spread and leave for 20s and then press down to about 1cm thick with a spatula.

Cook for 1-2 minutes and flip.

Add a 1/4 tsp of Dijon and paint onto the patty and add 1 tsp Boursin to four patties - cook for another minute. The edges will start to look textured and they won't take long to be cooked.

Top the bare patties with the Boursin covered patties and then add on top freshly grated cheddar.

Turn off the heat, add a teeny tsp of water for steam and cover with a lid for a few minutes until the cheddar is melty or alternatively under a hot grill for 20-45s just be careful it doesn't go too far and the cheese melts off.

EAT! If you like pickles - stack it up!?


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