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1 side of salmon around 1.2kgs - skin on

4 tbsp dried parsley

Handful of fronds torn from dill

3-4 tbsp flakey sea salt

Zest and juice of a lemon

Place your salmon onto a large foil sheet.

Add large pinches of your favourite salt, sprinkle parsley, tear the dill over and finish with the lemon zest and juice. Throw the lemons into the foil too.

Close up the tin foil with a second sheet over the top and place on the last remaining low embers of a BBQ or oven at 125C for 30-45 minutes checking regularly, it will depend on your salmons thickness and heating method.

How to know salmon is done: visually you will see white albumin appear between the seems of the flakes.

Alternatively press it, the salmon should be firm to touch or alternatively temp probe it to 125F. You can also push a cake tester or similar item like a fork into the deepest part of the fillet and press it against your lip. It should be “warm” but not searing hot. If it's colder leave it, if it is hotter, remove it.

Keep it in the foil and cool for perfect salmon.

Macros per 100g cooked:

Protein 22g Carbs 1.0g Fat 13g

208 calories

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