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The Self Trust Journey

New skills are not always a linear and progressive curve. There are ups and downs and changes, much the same as our daily lives.

You need tools to create habits and behaviours to build skills towards self trust.

As humans we aren’t very good at knowing how much food we ate or when we need extra rest so we have to learn the dynamic process. It’s natural to want to do well and get results fast, it’s natural to have tough days and want to give in and any real meaningful change is actually very hard.

We can’t be perfect from day one because perfection doesn’t even exist but being better does and better is always better!

Small realistic changes adding up over time are still better than when you didn’t do them and taking time to reflect on that sometimes is just what we need.

We get feedback from:

  • Scales. circumference, activity counters, body fat measurements

  • Emotions and daily wellbeing

  • Energy levels, hunger, satiety and other bodily functions