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Skinny Whips and Fat Burners are hindering your lifting performance...

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

You’re eating ‘balanced’ - counting those extra healthy B's

The GP is scrutinising your cholesterol...

Every carb you eat is 'brown'.

You exercise every week but nothings really changing and you can’t see the definition you thought you’d have?

You pick up the same 22.5kg dumbbells for your bench press… Dave does 30’s!


You see videos on YouTube of athletes diets, you can’t believe how much they eat but you just want to look suave in a suit not like a bouncer.

Your mate at work has lost 6lbs on something called ‘keto’ but how is fried cheese healthy??

Dan was going on about fat burners, yeah I'll give that a go...

Chi ching! £30! Yep this is it!

You look the same and feel worse after the tub is gone.



A lot of it boils down to the fact you are not getting the energy and nutrients you need for growth.

"Fake foods" like konjac noodles do not tell your body the right stimulus for growth. They're designed to not be digested and keep you from eating.


Athletes (especially my CrossFit and powerlifting guys) a lot of the time are limited by the digestive capacity.

This means a lot of the time they end up having to eat lots of regular meals and sometimes have to make some shortcuts with foods and nutritional supplements so they can get more nutrients into the day.

Energy gels, powders, whey proteins...

They need their cells full but their intestines comfortable.


Now most of us aren't really athletes 24 seven, period, we might just be training a few days a week.

That still however means that your body is undergoing a lot of stress and when your stress is elevated your digestive capacity is lowered, the onslaught of hormones aren‘t going in your favour.


When body composition and big lifts are the focus of your result, then you need to be addressing...

A) the lack of quality calories

B) a lack of persistence

C) practicing patience

D) progressive overload

Building muscle is not easy, it will not accidentally happen.

Even if you’re ‘assisted’ you still have to train.

Progressive lifting means lifting the same weight for more reps, higher weight for less reps - taking less rest - REPEATEDLY - not just once in a blue moon.

You don’t start with shoulder pressing 40’s day 1…

Your diet is much the same - make progressions.

Progressive repeated training - grab a log book - note it down - BEAT IT - that’s called ‘training’ not ‘exercise’.

Progressive repeated eating - find recipes you want to eat - write it down - EAT IT - no bland food - eat foods you enjoy.

Whole food is anabolic -> in the RIGHT way.

Supplements are concentrated versions of food. 💡🥴

Eat before you train - eat after you train.

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