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Simple nutrition/lifestyle tips to perform, recover and show it off...

Things that aren't as bad as 'training hardcore', being sore and under recovering...

- Getting to bed just 15 minutes earlier than you normally do.

- Having 'some' organisation to your meals, such as a routine breakfast and post workout nutrition.

- Eating a source of protein in your meals, especially breakfast.

- Eating some vegetables with dinner.

- Slowing down when you eat foods you know you can't be an adult around (come on we all love pools of butter on toast or slorms of ketchup on pizza...) and even drinking slowly and pacing yourself.

- Eating before you train - and again after you train - it's not starvation people, feed the machine.

But of course you're reading this and thinking 'mehhh that won't matter'

It does...

If you hid in the bushes and followed around your leanest, strongest, fittest friends or heroes and saw what they do, they do a few things.

They're highly active.

Their appetites are regulated well and they eat the food (and amount) they need, they can also pretty much eat any food and respond well.

They probably hydrate, eat protein, fruits and vegetables and get a good amount of sleep.

They train with resistance 3-4x a week and do some form of cardio work...

What they don't do is...

Eat until they feel so full and feel sick...

Spend the night walking into and out of the kitchen to eat crisps, chocolate or drink pop.

Diet restrictive on Monday with the new carrot detox, then off it by Wednesday because they'll fit in their jeans tomorrow, they earned it by doing the 6:30am WOD!

Drink frothy coffees and a slab of cake and well... because I did that I might as well hit happy hour, ayyyhhhhooooo!

(they do, they just don't do it as often...)

Every diet system is going to stop working at some point. No matter how great it seems initially, that diet will break. Restriction might feel like a past-time to some of us but it makes you think very hard about the foods you've omitted.

If something is omnipresent in your mind you will always be thinking about how much you ‘can’t have it’

Keep your diet simple, allow these things to work, be patient, be persistent.

If you want to know more, reach out, get in touch.


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