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Phil's Stew - Bulk Prep - Serves 5

By @theptcoach himself - the legend Phil Learney...

600g new potatoes

200g sweet potato

200g parsnips

200g carrots

1 whole onion

800g braising steak

400g chicken thighs skinless

150g basmati rice

1 vegetable stock cube

20g tomato puree

1 tsp each of sage, rosemary and thyme

Pinch of flakey sea salt and black pepper

Dice and cube your veggies and add all of the ingredients except chicken and rice into a big pot or slow cooker and cover to the top with water.

Cover and simmer for 40 minutes or slow cook on low for 8, high for 6.

After 40 minutes add the chicken and the rice and cook for a further 15 mins - if using the slow cooker, add these in the last 2 hours.

Serve with extra veg if needed.

Serves 5

Cals 556

P: 52 C: 56 F: 14 Fibre 8g

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