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How expensive is eating well getting!?

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Grenade bars at £3 in some stores, chicken prices are going up and there’s no way I’m thinking of organic peaches at 3x the price!

You can build great healthy meals from more approachable priced ingredients with this list.

Coconut oil - £1.65 per 275g - ALDI - cheaper than most butter - coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, fights against yeast build up in the digestive system and provides plant based saturated fats, MCT’s and Lauric Acid.

Broccoli - 47p per head - ALDI - high levels of minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin K), fibre but importantly a source of indole 3 carbonyl shown in studies to fight disease.

Chicken thighs - £1.65 per kilo - ALDI - rich in zoonutrients, collagen, protein and essential healthy fats.

With these three items, you can make stir fries, traybakes, roasted broccoli with cheese and even add rice and tomatoes for a paella.

Gluten Free Oats - £1.20 per kilo - Morrisons - prebiotic, full of good soluble fibre beta-glucan and important low glycemic starch, oats are very filling. Of course normal oats are cheaper but this is the cheapest you’ll get gluten free ones, and rice is gluten free… but try getting into rice for breakfast!

Peanut Butter - £6.50 per kilo - ASDA - peanuts are a source of plant fats and protein. High in arginine (for PUMPS!), magnesium, vitamin E and folate plus a good amount of fibre.

Pea protein isolate - £16.99 per kilo - BULK - Pea protein has the highest amount of leucine which is an amino acid that kickstarts muscle protein synthesis (alongside the other branch chains and essential amino acids), protein powders are sustainable and per serving work out incredibly cheap. Bake or drink.

Overnight oats, breakfast oats, mug cakes, protein pudding and loads of healthy bakes and energy balls.

Here’s some protein items that might not cost so much.

Eggs apprx 11p each for very cheap (lol) eggs - 6g protein per egg!

Lightest Philly (whole pot) in Morrisons is £1 and has 16g protein.

Using nut butters, light cheeses in meals and sandwiches with wholegrain breads will naturally have more protein. Regular peas, kidney beans too.

1 pot of Longley Farm Cottage cheese has 26g protein for £1.35.

1 dairy-lee lunchable has 14g protein for £1.

KVARG are 4 for £3 in Morrisons and have around 15g protein for 75p.

A Huel RTD is nearly £4! 😳.

A 1kg bag of whey protein is around £20 (if you buy from BULK or MyProtein that’ll be cheaper - fair play but for 1 scoop and 21-24g protein you’ll get that for 60p!

Look at what protein exactly you are eating and maybe you could try some of these?

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