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Maximise savings and do not compromise on nutrition.


Cost of living and interest rate changes are creating the pinch on food prices. The average weekly food cost for the typical UK household (averaging 2.3 people per household) is around £103, up around 18% from a year ago.


Balancing expense and nutrition with our diets means finding those hidden costs. With strategic shopping and cooking practices, you can save money and improve your diet. Reducing your reliance on ultra-processed foods has the financial advantage and knowing exactly the amount of food you need and eat saves even more.

Here's what is included in this 21-page guide:




  • Maximise Savings, Don't Compromise Nutrition
  • The Cost of Convenience
  • Top Tips to Save Money Whilst Shopping
  • The Money Saving Label
  • Cooking and Reducing Food Waste
  • Budget Meal Ideas
  • Expensive Vs Cost-Effective Swaps
  • Foods Low in Price, High in Nutrition
  • Cheapest Supermarket Comparison - 2023
  • Assessing Spending Habits

The Guide to Cost Effective Nutrition

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