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Client Testimonials - Zac - 4 weeks with email check ins - vegetarian - no scales, no gym.

Zac did my 4 week 121 coaching with me online through email after the Summer lockdown of 2020.

What we wanted to improve was some body composition and for Zac to have some structure.

We looked at postural benefits and worked on his nutritional needs with being mindful of Zac's environment. Zac's diet was shared with his partner and we had to be mindful of utilising vegetarian produce and no weighing of bodyweight scales as there was sensitive household need.

Zac's scale weight actually increased from the beginning, his numbers improved and in 4 weeks you can visually see postural benefits to offset his work as an audio engineer alongside aerobic and muscle and fat benefits.

The best thing is: this was done without a gym membership. Just a few home items.

Here's what he had to say:

I’m able to lift heavier now, feeling a lot stronger in myself and more confident.

I have a real sense of direction with nutrition now. Before I was yo-yo ing with my routine. Some days I’d be crushing macros and other days just completely imbalanced. Now I know what is best for my body to have pre and post workout, as well as what helps my body stay satiated and fuelled for longer. ...'knowing what my body responds well to has been amazing, it allows to be more intuitive with my food around workouts, to get the best results... The biggest challenge has been exercise stamina for me. Its one of my weak-points but it has definitely improved. Generally the rest of the routine I really enjoyed! Tracking macros and trying new proteins was a load of fun as well as seeing tangible results too!

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