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Chocolate Chia Protein Pot

50g chia Seeds

12g chocolate whey protein

20g cacao powder

1 tsp Truvia

5 drops of chocolate flavdrops

200g fat free Greek yoghurt

100ml semi-skimmed milk

In a bowl combine all of your dry ingredients and stir well, this helps prevent clumping.

Add your milk and stir very well until the chia is rehydrated.

Add your flavdrops, yoghurt and stir once again.

If using a vegan protein and plant based milks and yoghurts, expect there may be a need for more liquid.

Keep in the fridge in an air tight container sealed for 2-3 days.

Serves 2

Cals: 241

P: 20 C: 11 F: 10 Fibre: 11g

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