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Benefits of Glutamine

The beneficial aspects of glutamine.

N.b for any dietary medical need please consult your GP, doctor or physician.

A very overlooked supplement because it is naturally found in foods and is non-conditionally essential BUT don’t let that put you off.

Glutamine may help with issues such as digestion, bloating, gut repair such as assisting recovery from the byproducts of H.Pylori, rebuilding villi aka ‘leaky gut’ issues, detoxification, repairs muscles, reduces DOMS and helps glycogen (what muscles use to produce force energy) enter cells with an ability to assist insulin sensitivity.

Glutamine has been touted as ‘nature’s pepto-bismol 🤣

In the gut glutamine can help with malabsorption issues as it can assist with healing the intestinal lining. It elevates gut mucosal activity feeding