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Why Athletes Should be Interested in Nitrates

Updated: Jan 17

Dietary nitrate is becoming widespread in supplements and more of us are getting switched on to the importance of blood flow.

Nitrates pre-curse nitric oxide, which increases vasodilation. This means it improves blood flow and oxygen uptake.

For most athlete's they may see an improvement in digestion enhancing nutrient uptake but also allowing increasing digestive capacity.

Nitrates are important for athletes because they can help improve physical performance and reduce fatigue. Nitrates can help increase blood flow, which can provide more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and help athletes to perform better. Nitrates can also provide muscle cells with the energy they need to contract and relax, allowing athletes to perform at higher levels.

It all starts... with beetroot

Nitrates come from many foods, including leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, Swiss chard, and beet greens, as well as root vegetables like celery and carrots. Nitrates can also be found in some beverages like beetroot juice.