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Pork and Apples

440g (or 2) pork steaks - tenderloin, chops, loin steaks

2 apples - eating not cooking

30g cheddar

1 tsp of your favourite mustard

1 lemon juice and 1/2 zest

2 tsp butter

2 tsp sage

Pinches of flakey salt and sugar (or stevia)

Pre heat a grill on high and add a pinch of salt to you pork steak and the sage, rub in all over, snip any connections between belly and loin on your steak (this stops it cupping up during grilling) and leave to sit until the grill hits temperature.

Dice and core the apples, zest 1/2 the lemon and squeeze juice into a small pan.

Pat steaks dry of moisture leaving any chunks of salt/sage on, add steaks to a grill sheet or griddle and cook each side until the fat is crackly and meat firm - approx 6-8 minutes a side. Half way turning, mop the pork with a pastry brush dipped into a little mustard.

Add the apple to the pan with the 1 tsp sage, sugar/stevia, 1 tsp butter, a little water and salt. Bring to the boil on low, stirring, then simmer until soft, about 6 mins, then add in the cheese to melt.

Remove steaks from the grill and rest, laying 1 tsp of butter over them.

Serve with a pungent watercress and rocket salad, greens or roasted roots of your choice. Serving suggestions are shown.

Serves 2 - based on pork chops - Calories 538: P: 30 C: 30 F: 35 Fibre 4g

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