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Bacon Wrapped Salmon Fillets

*Serves 2, as this is quite rich.

2 salmon fillets around 90-100gms each (don’t use keta or wild they’re too lean for this)

2 rashers of streaky bacon

Sea salt

Black pepper

Start by laying out the salmon onto a roasting tray – preheat oven to 200*C (fan 180*C) and sprinkle sea salt and black pepper onto the fillets. Don’t leave them too long as they will tighten and the fillets will be tough. This is a perfect opportunity to use the simple BBQ rub or the Mediterranean if you like?

For the streaky bacon, lie onto a cutting board and use the back of a butter knife to ‘stretch’ the bacon thin so there’s some slight holes and you can see through it slightly. Wrap these around the fillets.

Place into the oven on the highest shelf or the hottest part of your oven. Cook for 6 minutes and turn them, they’ll finish in about 8-12 minutes total OR go until the bacon is rendered super crispy/how you want it.

Once cooked, let them rest for a few seconds and discard any fat from the tray.

  • Serve with greenery such as green beans, asparagus or tenderstem.

  • Great to add a fried, boiled or or scrambled egg or even use beside rice or your favourite pasta/grain.

Per fillet - Cals 240 – 25g Protein – 0g Cho – 16g Fat

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