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Matching calories and macros to the style of training…

Updated: May 29, 2022

Some days we just crave to eat “some crap” and sometimes the smell of pork fat hitting charcoal or a griddle is just too much to handle…

Depending on YOUR unique activity level - exercise and its demand - your energy amount and specific energy nutrients will differ.

Firstly - take a look at your calorie calculation

From the food we digest, our bodies break down the nutrients into circulating and stored energies: our bodies tap into these at varying exercise intensities and duration.

Protein is predominantly used to rebuild structures.

- We aim to have this at a minimum of 2g per kilo of bodyweight or around 25-30% of daily calories.

Carbohydrate becomes glycogen in muscles and blood sugar in circulation.

- For most exercising people, aiming for 40-55% of your daily calories can help restore carbohydrates. In general, athletes will need to consume 3 to 5g per kilogram body weight daily for light activity and upward of 8 to 12g per kilogram body weight per day for intense training.