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Are you struggling with organising your lifestyle switch? 


Do you struggle to see what a 'healthy lifestyle' actually looks like?


Fed up of just pulling food out of your diet and getting nowhere? 


What most people find is that they focus on their food when they don’t get the result that they want from their ‘meal plan’. Before you go reducing your energy intake or adding supplements, try these.


It's important to recognise that your physiology changes depending on your internal stress and recovery.


Here are some tools to finally be shown what a lifestyle change really looks like to you. It's important that we find how and where we can implement change, which changes we actually need and doing them in a sustainable and relevant way for us.


These PDF sheets come in digitally fillable and print copies to be placed in your environment and worked on to keep you accountable to your goals!


What’s in the pack?


Introduction and instruction manual

Lifestyle factors... a list of areas you might want to work on.

From goals to actions... working in daily actions to build up to your goal.

Daily routine... a normal days analysis to find out where you can use your time.

Dinner planner... pop this on the fridge and find inspiration.

Grateful log and brain dump... keep it near the bed to assist in better sleep.


Combine this with my Basic Principles eBook for a powerful starting place for anyone looking to improve their diet and lifestyle factors. 

HuskNutrition - The OnTrack Pack

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