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Get to grips with the protein intake that you need!


In our fast-paced world, meeting lofty protein goals with good quality protein can still be challenging even if ALDI want you to believe otherwise.


Achieving your performance goals begins with understanding the science behind this essential nutrient. Striking the right balance is key.


The prevalent misconception is that consuming endless amounts of protein equals endless muscle gain.


While protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, excessive consumption can be inefficient.

Here's what is included in this 25-page guide:




  • Introduction
  • Why You Need Protein
  • The Protein Break Down
  • Sources Beyond the Stereotypes
  • Supplements: When Taste Is A Roadblock
  • Realistic Protein Intake For Strength Athletes
  • A Modern Example
  • Protein Quantity in Foods
  • What If the Plate, Isn't a Plate?
  • Protein Quality
  • Table of Amino Acids
  • Protein Functions
  • How Much Should I Aim For?
  • Getting Protein at Breakfast
  • Why Protein Targets Seem Hard
  • Protein Timing: Before, During and After Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Accelerating Recovery
  • Non-App Tracking
  • Pitfalls
  • Protein Distribution
  • Getting 10 g of Protein in Foods
  • A High Protein Meal Plan

The Guide to Protein

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