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Using plate portions is a good approach for many of us who want to begin our journey to improved fuelling and eating nutritiously without compromising on our favourite meals.


We eat meals from a plate, bowl or container most times and generally, this method provides a useful and convenient way of eating.


- Eat the right food for your goals with substantially less effort and time involved.

Here's what is included in this 20-page guide:




  • Introduction
  • Portion and Serving Sizes
  • How Larger Sizes Become 'Normal'
  • "Whole Pot or No Pot"
  • Foods for the Plate
  • Why Should We Be Including These Food Groups?
  • Plate Portion Guide
  • What It Looks Like with Food
  • What If the Plate, Isn't a Plate?
  • "I Still Want a Bowl of Cereal"
  • What to Eat
  • Food Spectrums
  • Example Meals
  • Getting It Right For My Goals
  • How Consistent Do I Need To Be?
  • How Do I Adjust It?

The Guide to Plate Portions

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