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Are you stressed over meal plans and afraid of yo-yo dieting when you come off of them?


What if you didn't need a plan and had confidence in your ability to eat any foods?


This eBook introduces you to a few of the basic principles and tools I share with my clients.


What have people said:

'It was well structured and visually engaging. Content is great and I learnt new things. I was interested in learning what’s good for what when it comes to the nutrients in food and getting a good balance and eating well.' - Stephen, S.


What to expect from this interactive book:


A better understanding of what is in your food.

Realistic approaches you can start with today.

Tools and tips to build habits and behaviours...

Many recipes on or click the images to visit.


This book is a tool for you to start your journey.


We look at:

Calories, macros and micros...

Building self trust...

Eating variety...

How do I create a better diet?

Hand portions and plates... a way to eat for trust.

Lifestyle factors to support daily well-being...


Combine this with my OnTrack pack for a powerful starting place for any human wanting to know more about how they could eat and have an understanding of food to support their physical goals.

HuskNutrition - Basic Principles

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