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I've worked with so many people who are so frustrated in finding their goal - they want a great physique to be proud of but just don't know where to begin.


We take a good guess and we start some spinning classes or get some advice from a buddy - we work hard but we don't know why the results aren't coming?


Less and less food - more and more training - what's going on?


Well - we all want to look like an athlete but let's face it, we all don't have personal private nutrition coach and chef, plus the willingness and lifestyle to train in multiple bouts or for 4-5 hours at a time...


What we really need - is a plan!


This is a four phase periodised system aimed at people already familiar with a gym, with no predisposed injuries or issues with general health that are looking to change their body shape.

This will give you clear focus on the process that will create your change.


This is a journey - the joy is in 'becoming' - not just crossing the finish line in an unsustainable 'six week abs'. At the end of the result you need muscle and the body fat to show it off. You can become a living example of what you want but you have to have a process.


You can do this course in a realistic and approachable way, relevant to you. To do that there's a lot of help for you to be flexible in coaching your own progress, building some muscle and have a short fat loss phase to re-sensitise and go again if you want to...


Find your own effective transformation.



Male and female meal plans

Macros and calories for males and females

How to manage food without weighing

Hack the diet plan

Personalising your plan

Recommended products

How to refeed

Optional supplementation



Four phase system periodised for physique - men and women

Conditioning workouts that can be done at home too

Diet matched to the training to amplify the effects

Guidance for overload progression

Terminology explained

Cover Model Training and Diet Plan

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