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Diet vs Dieting

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

One implies a short term duration of misery - the other - your daily ritual.

Let's start a new approach to your diet - with a new start comes new change always full of gusto.

We set ourselves up with all of the passion to tear down a small village on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon hunger and cravings are so vast that we’re already chewing our bottom lips, cos that’s protein right?

We go ahead despite all of this and fire off all of our bullets in one go but you're only human...

You have a miserable time and ultimately give in because it IS hard work and we all want our fat gone yesterday!

It doesn’t have to be this way because in reality you ARE in control.

Knowing you can shift that xmas weight, be a size 12 for that party or just be able to get on the floor and play with your kids comes down to knowing the variables and playing those cards when you need to.

Diet with Ease the start of a diet you are in the best position possible, you are already at a place you don’t want to be and so any change in structure, planning, water, sleeping, eating will all work!

Calories and your daily movement are your number one priorities, start to just begin and acknowledge how many calories you are eating by tracking/writing down your 'normal' food and get yourself a little evening walk in just a couple of nights.

When you have done this, repeat that exact week again. Mouthful by mouthful. Step by step. Hours you sleep and the time you wake.

Be mindful with your eating and take a breath before you eat.

Monitor your weight or measure your waist and see how you go.

As you continue - try to look at making small steps towards less processed foods, swap the latte for a flat white, a Coke for Zero/Max, processed meats for whole cuts, prepared food than brought...

Try using this:

Keep doing this slowly every week and again... see how you go.

Being mindful in your life to always just do 'something' towards a better healthy you. A few more steps away from the office, getting off a stop early, making one change in your nutrition to aid you will always, over time, yield a result, make it a daily habit and your life, with patience, will change.

Diet: The food you eat everyday to support your life and living.

Dieting: A short term rigid structure to your life and eating, which may or may not last.

The true key is consistency.

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