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Why a nutrition ONLY approach is kinda like eating steak with a plastic spoon…

A plastic spoon?

Hear me out…

Yes you need nutrition, you’re also a person in a modern world.

You are:

  • a mum

  • a boss

  • a care giver

  • a superhero to your son…

You need practical solutions.

I hung out with nutritionists, I read hardcore nutrition books, studied clinical sports nutrition, functional medicine, listened to nutrition podcasts, watched it be implemented and it worked … sometimes.

A lot of studies done in nutrition are on people who are unable to pass Greggs in the morning or Pizza Hut as they leave the gym...

  • They’re in hospitals, sometimes unconscious…

  • Studies are done on them as they are fed very specifically or in studies under controlled supervision.

Nutrition solutions work….

…. for some people ….

- but not everyone 🙋

Some people just want to feel great!

Some people want to look better!

… but everyone comes to me because they know they need to change something.

For me understanding more about nutrients, their functions, the diseases people may have, the physiological and psychological impact of proteins, circadian needs, life cycles, seasons, monthly cycles etc… sometimes that’s just not what was needed.

It wasn’t the right tool for the job…

Kinda like eating steak with a plastic spoon.

Plugging nutritional gaps makes people feel better, when they feel better they don’t want to escape their difficulties so much, nutrient dense food also naturally tells you when to stop eating FASTER with a combined effect of having less calories, more fibre to keep you fuller for longer but also more hydration.

You look, feel and perform.


That’s only 1 piece of a puzzle.

Nutrition is what we wanted to implement. That was for me…not really them, their life, their abilities and their needs.

Working with more and more people I come across common pitfalls.

  • Most could smash 5-7-10-12 days and then ‘something’ would change. They’d be at the Dairy Milk and then getting in the car to the 24hr Tesco to buy cookies and everything they missed.

  • Some could do a month or six weeks and then they’d have an event 🍻 they worked to and then couldn’t get ‘back onnit’.

  • Few it really stuck with and really helped them very long term.

For most and some, FOR THEM, we’d change too much too quickly because people want all of the answers right away AND I THOUGHT I HAD TO GIVE IT TO THEM IMMEDIATELY.

They were reacting to bad weekend binges and wanting my help, to add more constriction in their lives from their current lifestyle, feeling lost in their professional life, but thought it was a new meal plan, new calories...

new… new… new… more… more… more… less… less… less…

Knowing people, making time for them, being IN THEIR situation but from an opposite perspective is the real key to what I do. How can we find a practical solution for that stressful weekly meeting that causes an overflow of ice cream at the weekend?

Nutrition is one side of a 50p coin, emotions, environment, physical, mental, societal and existential. A human is a biological, psychological and social creature.


  • Rigid diet plans

  • Rigid meal plans

  • Limited ranges of foods and OFF LIMIT items

  • No dietary options other than whole food cooking

  • Removing diet groups

👆 MORE constrictive and reactive practice.

That’s what they think they need but we just need sense and kindness.

Nutrition has been deemed ‘bad’ for long enough. Lets make it great!!!

The best results came when people have approachable, easy things they can do in doses, they practice it, then when it’s normal, you can add in some change.

None of which happens until you address the lower tiers of a successful transformation.




Help people do that. REAL changes begin.

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Get yourself on track!!!


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