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When we don’t want to draw any attention but don’t want to fail but need help.

Updated: May 17, 2022

“I can only get a result if I’m onnit”
“I have to train to be able to eat out"
“I can’t drink just 1 beer I have to have 9!”
"If I eat off plan, I have to do extra cardio..."

All of these things are common with the history of people I work with. They are limiting beliefs.

Because it’s restriction and rules that were placed on them through some form of diet style, diet plan, prep coach or group.

The things you do and have learned are not your fault though.

They taught you things and you can learn new things too.

Times moved on...

You have full control over your actions, your choices and your decisions.

We need practical solutions for people with real lifestyles more than ever before and yes we need to raise the level of cooking skills but we also need different solutions and how to manage a healthy bodyweight for what we’re after vs how we act.

This is why I have a job and why I do what I do.

We need to look at ALL varieties of what we can do for better food, better movement and look at how we can embrace and approach new habits.

If we only have one approach, it's like only having one form of exercise.

Take walking for example...

If the winter comes and it snows for 6 weeks, all of a sudden you don't walk anymore... and now you lost your exercise routine.

We all need to adapt.

We want to consume food in a situation we are accustomed to.

I appreciate what people want from food and exercise and I strive to find out more and help pass on a purpose of how to achieve it.

You don’t need perfectionism, we don’t need athletic sports performance, we need maintainable and manageable diets and structures for what we do.

Just like you I’ve thought that the endless hours of training and restricted eating would get me there… it did… but I have no responsibilities, I had time, I was happy, I had the ability and it works.

Well 'it's ok for you...'

The truth is, everyone that has good flexibility and lifestyle management had to learn it as well.

People I help though, have big responsibilities outside of the gym, they work long hours, they're bad cooks, have stressful jobs and need approachable levels of movement and diets for THEIR needs.

Something people CAN do. Not placing huge changes that people will never approach or if they do, they can't do it for more than two weeks.

Saving a few calories here and there and moving is enough to get you going.

We don’t want to draw any attention, we don’t want to fail, we just want to be empowered and helped.

An overview of your daily routine will show how you can move more on a day to day basis. It shows us how we can approach what we want more of.

Catering for your needs - not who you aspire to be - is where progression really is.

Of course - I work 121 with people ... but I also bring together guides, recipe books and also help them find THEIR solutions to their problems.

No one hires a health coach to be told 'you need to move more and eat less and only these foods' durrrrrrrrrr

You hire a health coach to work as a team, to find your solutions and get great feedback about what's going on.

I track progression, I document it but a client does the work. We do it as a team.

That's why I offer eating out guides for top eateries in the UK...

Find out more about what I offer here:

Eating out guides and recipe books -->

Grab a Gousto -->

Free recipe cards -->

Learn more about nutrition and food balance:

Get yourself on track!!!

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