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Using Apple Watch to Track Your Calorie Output

Fitness trackers and mobile integration have continued to be a popular and growing trend in the health and fitness industry. Fitness trackers are wearable devices that can monitor various aspects of physical activity and health, such as steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality, and more.

With the increasing integration of smartwatch features, such as GPS tracking, voice assistants, mobile payments, and messaging apps, things like Fitbit and Whoop have become popular amongst athletes being an accessible feature in daily life.

The combination of fitness and smartwatch technology has made fitness trackers more versatile and convenient, allowing users to track their workouts, monitor their health, and stay connected without needing to carry multiple devices.

Whoop now recently offers stress tracking, iOS offers meditation prompts, and most offer sleep analysis, recognising that overall health and wellness involves more than just exercise and diet.

---- Here's a step-by-step guide to using your Apple Watch to track the number of calories you expend:

  • Wear and make sure your watch is connected to your iPhone.

  • Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.

  • Move calories are your active calories showing current progress towards your daily active calorie goal.

  • To see your total calories expended for the day, including both active and resting calories, open your Fitness app on iPhone, tap the rings to see your summary, under the Move table there are Total calories for the day.

  • Here you can see I'd burned 833 calories - only 153 as 'active' calories.

  • If you want to set a daily calorie goal, tap on "Change Goals" at the bottom of this screen on iPhone or Apple Watch and adjust the active calorie goal to your desired amount.

  • To see more detailed information about your calorie expenditure, including breakdowns by hour, day, and week, open the "Fitness" app on your iPhone.

  • If you want even more detailed insights into your calorie expenditure and other health metrics, consider using third-party apps that integrate with the Health app on your iPhone, such as MyFitnessPal or Lose It!, personally I also really love Nutracheck Calorie Counter.

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