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Smoked Bacon and Salmon Guacamole

1 avocado super ripe (120g of flesh)​

1 rasher of cooked streaky bacon​

20g flaked smoked trout, mackerel or salmon.​

½ a lime’s juice​

½ garlic clove minced​

Pinch of sea salt​

1 tsp diced onion​

1 tsp pickled or fresh jalapeño​

1 tbsp coriander

Take a palette knife and score around the edge of an avocado into the stone all of the ​way around it’s circumference, pull the avocado apart into two and one side will keep ​the stone, use the side of the knife and press into the stone and with a twist it will ​

come out.

No need for dangerous sharp blades.

Mash until a desired consistency.

Add pre cooked salmon flakes and crushed bacon and the remaining ingredients.

Eat as part of a meal or alone with carrot or celery sticks.

Calories 375

13g Protein - 20g Carbs - 30g Fat

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