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Raspberry Protein Fluff

I owe this inspiration from the legend that is... Anna Sward of ProteinPow!

25g of almond, vanilla or berry flavoured whey (can be vegan)

150g frozen raspberries

15-30ml of water

5g toasted coconut chips

3g cacao nibs

In a bowl add raspberries and whey with a little water and use a hand blender to press and smoosh the berries into a paste.

When fully combined and blended, use a whisk (electric) for 3-5 minutes and watch it grow in volume.

Add coconut chips, cacao nibs...

Dig in.

Perfect around your workout, or for breakfast, tonnes of water soluble vitamins and antioxidants for liver health and recovery

Cals: 262 P: 20 C: 20 F: 8 Fibre: 10g.

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