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Ideas for pre and post-workout snacks

What I should eat before a workout?

What should I eat after I work out?

Which protein is the best?

So here we go: here are 50 ideas for pre and post-workout snacks as I can create off of the top of my head.

Pre and post-workout we provide adequate carbohydrates and protein. Some of these will vary in preference, taste, and flavour and will work better for different sports, body goals and events. Ideally, pre-workout stick to lower glycemic, less sugar and post-workout, elevate the sugar to promote healthy insulin and GLUT4 response but if you need inspiration, here are some ideas:

  1. Overnight oats.

  2. Whey and oats as a drink.

  3. Whey and fruit with ice, blitzed.

  4. Yoghurt and blueberries.

  5. Boiled eggs on toast.

  6. EAA, carb powder and electrolyte blend.

  7. Rice cake bars.

  8. Grilled pitta, light houmous.

  9. Meringue nests crushed into yoghurt.

  10. Rice cakes, honey, lightest cream cheese.

  11. Rice cakes and whey protein.

  12. Crumpets, jam and whey.

  13. Protein bagel thins and jam.

  14. Cranberry juice, ice and whey protein.

  15. Fruit winders.

  16. Rice Krispie Squares with protein shakes.

  17. 1 iced coffee with 1 scoop of whey blended together.

  18. Oats with almond butter and fruit.

  19. Egg whites and oats.

  20. Weetabix with chocolate milk.

  21. Chicken pasta vegetable salad.

  22. Microwave rice pouch with grilled turkey strips.

  23. Pre-made sweet waffles with strained Greek yoghurt.

  24. Cottage cheese with pineapple.

  25. Rice pudding and jam.

  26. Cream of rice and whey.

  27. Banana, nut butter and jam.

  28. Protein pancakes.

  29. Crackers and light snacking cheese.

  30. Dates and a protein yoghurt.

  31. Protein pudding with dark chocolate chips.

  32. Banana and nut butter toast.

  33. Lightest cream cheese on a bagel.

  34. Greek Yoghurt, cereal and fruit.

  35. Quark, jam and toast.

  36. Muesli with a whey smoothie.

  37. Apple and peanut butter.

  38. Sourdough with tuna and light mayo.

  39. Chicken and sweet potato wedges.

  40. Turkey and mashed potatoes.

  41. Jacket potatoes with light tuna mayo.

  42. Wraps with chicken and peppers.

  43. Toast with protein spreads.

  44. Cereal with RTD whey shake.

  45. Muffin and lightest cream cheese.

  46. Soreen and quark pouch yoghurt.

  47. Protein flapjacks.

  48. Energy bars or gels.

  49. Homemade protein bars, brownies or cookies.

  50. Protein bites.


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