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How to establish your calorie intake.

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

I'm going to be deadly honest.

Calories are what they are... a number.. they are general and not really specific.

Calories don't tell you how you feel, what food makes you feel great, sick, tired, angry or really happy...

Calories are objective data but you, the human are subjective, you have emotions, thoughts and really importantly you 'feel'.

Calorie calculators online are general not specific - there’s no way we know exactly what you need. Every day will be unique and different and it does flux.

Government guidelines still state:

Women need 2000

Men need 2500

We just need - a lot of the time - to create one thing..


You can simply pick a number - and if you stay consistent - evaluate the outcome.

If you weigh yourself on a daily basis you will find fluctuations in your weight, chances are you will start to find negative connotations with that process, but do it over a longer process.

Log what you consume on a daily basis and put it into a diary. They need to be done in real time otherwise you will forget, get a notepad and pen, calories and macros can help too, be comprehensive so you have all the info.

Not in retrospect, there will be things you do habitually and won;’t align with your actual; behaviours you need to change and these things you do unconsciously. You aren’t acknowledging you’re doing it.

Get it accurate, do it in real time.

As long as we start at a baseline that’s sustainable - pick a number - it is what it is - it’s not extreme fast loss we need to find something you can do repeatedly and consistently. Nothing unsustainable.

No yo-yo’s.

Marginal deficit if we establish a baseline from BMR, TDEE, then consistently consume them, see where weight is over time and log your activity.

What we do not do through this process....

  • Rigid meal times

  • Bored? What’s in the fridge?

  • Stressful day - KFC for a bucket…

  • Getting on the scales to feel guilty

Intuitive eating and tracking it helps remove the battle with yourself thinking, “I want more, no, I shouldn’t. But, my gosh, it tastes so good. A little more won’t be so bad, right? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I stop?! Okay, I know. Fasted 6:30am gym all week."

You do not need more or any guilt or shame in feeding yourself.

In fact, it’s one of the differences between people who struggle with diet and exercise their whole life, and people who develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, food and fitness.

It’s the best skill you could ever master…

  1. Not everyone who is overweight is unhealthy

  2. Focusing on weight loss doesn’t work for everyone.

  3. People who ‘need to lose weight’ don’t need more lectures.

Write it down, look for the evidence, show yourself and explore the solutions and don't throw a kitchen sink at it.

The value is in persisting.

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Get yourself on track!!!


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