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How adding workout food can actually help you eat less...

Knowing the structure and seeing how more smaller bursts of food in a day is pretty smart.

I do want you to consider that you cannot ADD food to a diet that's mindless eating and expect you get a body composition/fat loss or weight loss result, the laws of thermodynamics don't help you there.

Rigid eating times is not helping you either.

-- 7am breakfast till 12pm is 5 hours - on a pitty cup of tea and some toast - it won't last. You probably burned 3-500 calories just being asleep.

-- Lunch at 12pm - brill! but I'm being good... a wrap and some crisps... but again, it's a long time till dinner.

-- Dinner at 8pm is EIGHT HOURS LATER and if you're active after work this is where chocolate bars start looking real tasty. Blood sugars low, you can't be arsed, there's nothing in the house so pass the Balti House menu.