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Egg Whites and Oats

100g oats

1 egg

3 whites

Tsp xylitol or Stevia

Pinch of flakey salt

300ml almond milk

Incredibly simple, creamy and rich way to enjoy your oats with a protein goal in mind.

Heat your milk on a low heat until steaming and add a pinch of salt, add the oats, eggs and sweetener and stir very regularly until your desired consistency is reached.

Alternatively, microwave for 6 minutes on medium stirring every minute.

Top with any inclusions such as nut butters, coconut flakes, cacao nibs and fruit or sweet any condiments like jam, cacao powders and marmalade.

Calories: 500

P: 30 C: 60 F: 12 Fibre: 10g

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