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Client Testimonial - Annemarie - 30 days with coaching

What could 30 days look like for you?

Results from my client Annemarie:

“You really have inspired me to be brave and try something new when it comes to how I view food and fitness. Your a legend and very special human being ❤️”

She’s the amazing one ☝️

Annemarie raised her protein intake to support the demands of her daily stresses, physical activity and mental focus.

She chose her food, she chose when and what she eat and we worked with just one supplement to assist her digestion.

I gave her 2 bodyweight circuits to do at home in our winter lockdown, she added her own relative to her and she controlled the rest.

Better digestion ✅
Eat food she wanted ✅
Built muscle in the upper back and triceps ✅

IN A WINTER LOCKDOWN - that alone is enough!

Chest change - down 1.5cm

Ab change - down 1cm

Leg change - down 0.5cm

Big changes at 5ft 2” in 30 days...

She had wine, some pie, caught a bit of a cold, stayed active and used my advice.

You know... life! 🤷‍♂️

We did not at all use bodyweight or scales.

She knows now what to do to support her daily needs and we even trialled a very high carb diet to see how her body responded to the typical ‘athlete’ diet - which so many people do - after which in our consult I vividly remember the word - moody 🤣🤣

I love working with people - seeing how they change and showing them their changes.

Now Annemarie has a new goal and she’ll have better results because she’s tried and tested things and know what can work.

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