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Chaffle Apple Salad with Almond Butter and Parlick Fell

A chaffle is a waffle made with cheese and eggs... it is basically a soft tortilla/crepe when fried or made in a waffle iron.

... but the benefit is is has high levels of protein and healthy fats and very minimal carbohydrates. It is SO simple to make and lacto-ovo vegetarian for a different vibe to meat.

I don't own a waffle iron or sandwich maker so I grill mine in my griddle pan - but you could fry in a non-stick too.

Cover or fill with grilled meats and salad like a gyros or shawarma or even something rich like a smokey chilli, smoked salmon and cream cheese to roll up or keep it vegetarian with tahini and greek yoghurt. You can use them in place as a burger bun or tortilla or even sweet as a crepe.