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Bircher Protein Muesli

50g oats

8g raisins

12g almond butter

1 tsp chia seeds

1/2 apple cored and grated

12g chocolate/vanilla/almond/banana/raspberry whey protein (I used chocolate)

1 tsp truvia

5 drops of chocolate flavdrops

125ml semi-skimmed milk

Add all of your dry ingredients to a container and stir to combine very well. Add the apple discarding any leftover juice, almond butter, flavdrops and milk, stir very well and leave for a minimum of 1.5-2 hours.

If using a vegan protein and plant based milks and yoghurts, expect there may be a need for more liquid.

Keep in the fridge in an air tight container sealed overnight.

Serves 1

Cals: 478

P: 28 C: 60 F: 13 Fibre: 10g

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