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Aging Nutrients

Some of the best nutrients you can include in your diet are:

Omega 3

Vitamin D

B Vitamins


Co-Enzyme Q10

... but why?

Whilst your body produces energy and force production, you produce free radicals at the same time: they’re an unavoidable by-product of energy generation.

Free radicals are unstable molecules and when they’re present in excess, they’ll damage cell membranes, including the membrane inside each cell protecting the cells that made the energy (mitochondria) itself.

Antioxidants are your body’s arsenal against free radicals, it’s essential that your diet has enough antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support this process.

The above nutrients are abundant in what we know as 'the Mediterranean diet'.

This means plenty of fruit, veggies and fish, while minimising red meat, processed foods, processed dairy and refined sugar

This is correlated with slower brain ageing and less cognitive decline.

This type of eating can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels, too. This is important because elevated blood sugar is connected with faster brain ageing, inflammation, obesity and other factors in health decline.

Society places a huge emphasis on preserving the age of our skin and not our internal body, never mind the brain.

Although losing your keys and forgetting what you were about to say are often laughed off as senior moments, age-related memory loss can be very annoying. It’s never too early to start looking after your brain.

Start your way to embedding a Mediterranean diet into your lifestyle by trying my Eat More Fruit and Veg programme FREE on my website.


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