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Hi, I'm Rob!

I'm a health coach!


I set up HuskNutrition originally as a food prep service for my meal plan clients to help them with their goals, as I genuinely adore food and cooking. 


However, I found a really big problem...

- My clients couldn't take ownership and have confidence in their food choices

- They became reliant on me, which was great for repeat income but not really for what they wanted (which doesn't sit right with my morals)

- They couldn't solve their problems and would ask me about every minute detail, no matter how much information I provided

- Even though it was so well meaning, it just wasn't really helpful to them, or even growing them...

Therefore, I set up HuskNutrition to bridge the gap between the food we eat and the practical functional aspects of targeted nutrition for health, performance and outcome driven goals.


It is a culture and service for nutritional based intervention to assist people to practically meet the requirements of their physical and performance needs and goals.

We get educated along the way to learn about the actual connection we have to food and how we have healthy switch ups in phases of our goals.

Off season - focus on improvements

Preparation - Embedding specifics

In season - working exactly on what you want
Decompression and debrief - access the support, review and recap.

and time zero - connect with friends and family, have a holiday and a diet break

Process the emotions - emotionally driven, meaningful moments, identify strengths and skills.


HuskNutrition combines physical performance, deep health, mental focus and productivity looking at nutritional strategies, stress and lifestyle management in alignment with what an individual needs.


We implement the healthy habits, the structure, the routine, the help in the kitchen, the knowledge of applications and technology with your nutritional goals in mind.

I offer recipe book subscriptions with monthly updates, these include eating out guides for top eateries in the U.K

I offer 121 nutritional coaching in three styles of blocks - for one offs, to hands on.

There's also physique targeted plans and general healthy guides available in my store.

Tonnes of free downloads, podcast discussions and loads more right here on my site.


We want you to be more in control of your habits and understand sound nutrition.


We want you to utilise nutritional strategies to improve performance in all areas of life.


We want you to be informed, empowered and self reflective to be able to make outcome based decisions and use rational thought.


We know food is not just about nutrition and I help make that impact with you. Most of us have outcomes but we also have lives. Most of us just want to create a manageable and sustainable lifestyle.


We want the food that we make to sit comfortably at both of those tables so no one feels deprived or unsatisfied.

  • Diet’s to attain healthy weight shouldn’t be difficult or tough to do. 

  • It isn't a sound belief that a diet should be ‘painful’.

  • It should be a good feeling to improve your body, it should be a challenge in the gym, but destroying yourself can actually be counterproductive

  • You cannot go through that pain for the rest of your life. You will hate it, you will fantasise about food and act like a naughty child around a jar of peanut butter.

  • Those kinds of diets are set up for failure.

So, welcome to HuskNutrition

PN1 Certified Coaching Services

Level 2 Counselling Skills
Level 2 Food Hygiene Certified

Nutri Supplements Practitioner
Committed to professional development

Advanced Coaching Academy


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