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Welcome to HuskNutrition

A smart approach to nutritional information for people who want more from their training, ensuring all types of nutrition are celebrated with a solution-focused, positive perspective.

Meet Me:


Robert Huskinson

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Rob Huskinson is a Precision Nutrition PN1 nutritional health coach working with resistance trainees on body composition and performance goals through nutrition.

Personal Coaching and Progression Tracking

For people who want to work closely towards aspirational body composition, performance and muscle-building goals.

Dietary Review and Goal Setting

For people who want a one-off review to get reassurance for their goals.

Group Talks & Presentations

For gyms or services that wish to offer complimentary advice on nutrition.


James Spencer

The peri-workout guide Rob shares is the best!

Having the correct guidance for my hockey, CrossFit and goals has kept me consistent.


Rob Kerr

There is too much conflicting information, no clarity, nothing bespoke to suit my needs.


I now have my understanding and can fuel for competitions and sessions.

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Chris Barnes

There’s constant support with a view from someone who genuinely cares about the result!

I get the nutrition to train, protein to recover and supplement right.

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